“Lilith” Oil on board, 60X122cm

“Lilith” Oil on board, 60X122cm

About Lilith:

In the book of Genesis there are two stories about the creation of the human female, the first one mentions god creating the two genders out of the same earth, as equals, The name of the woman in the first instance of the story is not mentioned at all, and there is no follow-up in the book, the woman who was formed as an equal to Adam is simply omitted and forgotten.

Eve is the second woman and she’s not created from the earth but from Adam’s rib.

In the jewish folklore there is the story of the notorious Lilith who is Queen of “Sheol” (The jewish equivalent of hell) and the wife of no other than the prince of darkness. It is also told that before becoming queen of hell Lilith was the first wife of Adam.

While Adam and Lilith had sex she demanded to be “on top” as an equal to her husband Adam. Instead of indulging Lilith, Adam called god and complained about the rebellious wife god made for him.

Three angels drove Lilith down to “Sheol” and condemned her for all eternity as punishment for viewing her self as Adam’s equal. In her descent to hell she promised to claim her revenge on jewish men and to deliver demons into men’s soul. Orthodox Jews consider Lilith as a taboo, she is the reason jewish young need to grow “Peot” (long sideburns) so Lilith would mistake them for girls and not hurt them.

It is also forbidden for jewish men to sleep alone in a house at night, Lilith supposedly comes to the solitary and reclusive men and rapes them in their own bed.

All this bad rep just for demanding equality.

So to rectify the biggest wrong in jewish tradition, I bring her back to the surface for good, she’s holding a paper-cutter so she can cut the submissive archetype of Eve out of our set of ideals and purge the central text of our culture. I’m raising her from the earth again, pulling her from darkness to light.

She will speak out for discriminated and persecuted human beings, not just female, but all those who want to lead their own path in this world and not follow social dogmatic and blind norms.

Proud to introduce “Lilith” Oil on muslin mounted on board, 60X122cm