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About my artistic education

A copy of Vermeer's "A girl with a pearl earring"
A copy of Vermeer's "A girl with a pearl earring"

I was born in Israel in 1977.

I started my official artistic education at the Beit-Berl college in 1998, it was a four year generic art program. Very early in the first year of school I knew that my main attraction to art was through the traditional mediums like painting & drawing. I took a drawing class with Mitch Becker, he opened the door for me to realism. Mitch is a great teacher, a true mentor, I am privileged to have been his student.

When the program was done (2002) I went to work as a 3D modeler and designer but the calling brought ┬áme back to school, the Jerusalem Studio School in Jerusalem, directed by Israel Hirshberg (2003). There I learned from another great teacher and painter. JSS was a demanding program that gave me many insights into what I’m supposed to be looking for when I set out to paint from nature.

I came out of the JSS (2005) and started painting in my studio at the scenic town of Alfe-Menashe.

In 2009 I started the Florence Academy of art painting program directed by Daniel Graves. I went back to school because I think that no artist is never too wise to learn from others, there will always be someone who has a greater knowledge then yours. This site is being setup while I spend my days doing Bargue copies and practically learning how to draw all over again.

A copy of the death mask by Charles Bargue A4 Pencil on paper